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Israel pictures


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Swedish couchsurf

A photography post dedicated for my host!


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Langue en la Belgique: Francaise

Waffles, Beer, Chocolate, fries and mussells

sunny 10 °C

This is my first trip with the housemates and we took Eurolines from Paris to Brussels. However, Waisum and I took an earlier bus because it was cheaper and we didn't mind waiting for the rest to arrive as we can wander around for an hour.

Estimated cost via Euroline: 50+ Euros to and fro
Duration: 4 hours

Brussels is a very lively city. People are friendly and the pace of life is definitely slower as compared to Paris. Architecture wise, its probably quite boring unless you go to the Plutonium and center of Brussels.
We first check into our hotel at HUSA Presidential Hotel because Chayadi got us a discount. The total cost for the 3 days 2 night stay is around 100+ sgd in total.


We went to the central area because everything(places of interest) is pretty much located there.


Brussels Food

The chocolate are not shown here, but i got 250g for aorund 6 Euros. I got 2 boxes and mail them back to SG for my cell group and family. I also bought 2 bars of chocolate and sent them to my boss and supervisor in Beijing, China as a form of thanksgiving for their hospitality when I was interning in the company.

We went drinking to end off the day, and the group ordered 27 kind of beer for 54 euros! I thought of getting high fast and so I challenged the group to drink fast (we completed everything within 1 hour +, with me drinking the most cups) so after the whole pubbing experience, i was puking pretty badly on the way back to the hotel: I first puked in a Thai restaurant while they were having their supper and i ran out to continue the puking. LOL

Jian Da was nice enough to come out to check on me and we had a good sharing time, while i continue to puke. LOL

Nonetheless, I appreciated my housemates a lot for not judging me and they just laugh it off. =D

"And there I was, trying to make sense of everything about you in my despair "


On the 2nd day, we decided to buy a group ticket to Brugges, which is around an hour away. We din't go Ghent, because we heard its pretty similar to Brugges and comparatively more boring.

Brugges was cold, and since i dirtied my jacket a day earlier due to the puking, I got to buy another jacket to keep myself warm.


Brugges is more cultural and beautiful than Brussels in my opinion and we had fun riding in a carriage, going to the windmills and taking the river cruise along the narrow canals in Brugges. We head back to Brussels in the evening and for the following day, we just wander around the central area again before we leave for Paris in the afternoon via Euroline.

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Part 3/3 of the Norway Trip

sunny 10 °C

So while on the plane, we were hoping to see some Northern lights in the night sky. We did not manage to see any though, and it was a pity. D=

Upon arriving in Oslo, my church mate Zhang Yuhui, offered his residential place for me and Matthew to stay while JQ went to stay with Priscilla.

It was a good night to catch up with him, and he told me to sleep on the bed the following night because he will be leaving early to Tromso the following day to catch the Northern Lights.


We spent a day in Oslo and erm.. there isin't anything much to do in Oslo.


There was actually some Ski competition going on, but since we only had a day, we did not tag along with Priscilla and Joanne.

But they met us for a Fish and Chip dinner, followed by a casual drinking session after that.

It was a pain to go back to Rygge the next day as we took a bus, an hour ride, so as to fly back to Paris Beauvais, for another hour ride. D=

Before I end off my Norway trip blogpost, while travelling back from Beauvais, I met a cool French dude name Gabriel Renault. He was very friendly, to the point that i was thinking is he French? haha! Cause there were many people who say french arn't friendly if you don't know french but it's definitely aint true! - He was trying his best to speak english to me all the way during the bus ride! So we had much cultural exchange and I figured that he is a professional skate boarder and studies in Caen. He visited his girlfriend in Finnmark, Norway and when I found out the place on the map after the bus ride, it's a new location that I want to go there for Northern Lights the next time! =D

Gabriel is an awesome and sincere dude: he even look up for 104 for me after the trip but sadly I did not have much time to interact with him as we were staying in different cities. Would be great to see him skateboard! =D

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Nothing like Your Love

Part 2/3 of the Norway trip

rain 3 °C

So we woke up early the next day(around 8am, while for the past few days we have been waking up at 5+am), and went down to meet the mysterious guy who managed to drove from the other end of Narvik to Du Yuan's place. We bade Du Yuan farewell and shortly after, we met the mysterious guy, ANDREW KOH!

large_IMG_4201.jpg =D

He is a really friendly and open dude! =D

ANDREW TRAVEL BLOG CAN BE FOUND HERE: http://flickervertigo.travellerspoint.com/

His travels are probably way more interesting than mine! =D

Anyway he drove for around 4 to 5 hours around the fjords to lofoten and once again I am taken aback by the gorgeous views.

" How great would it be, if my old friends in SG were here with me" I thought throughout the entire drive. But after awhile i realized I was missing out something: I wasn't opening myself to new friendships and has not accepted the fact that several of my friends pungseh me for exchange-> either went already or withdraw after application. D:<

Nonetheless the view was therapeutic and it helped to ease my bitterness much to spend some quality time with these friendly dudes.


Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at the circular motions of the stars, and they pass by themselves without wondering.

Saint Augustine

So after 5 long hours, we arrived at our cabin! It cost about $50 sgd per person per day I think, and the for the car used for our travel is around $50 +SGD for the 3 days.

We can't do much in Lofoten, neither did we saw the Northern lights for the 2 days because the area was too cloudy. The wind was too strong and it was too early for summer activities. Nonetheless, we drove around the 5 small towns and had an awesome experience trying to be professional photographers for the 2 days!
PS: Pardon for the wet lens, it was too windy and rainy!

Food at Lofoten - Cost around 30 to 40 Sgd each

We went back to Narvik on the last day, after we left Andrew at the airport to return our vehicle, visited the Narvik War Museum and headed back to the EVENES airport to catch our flight back to Oslo.

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