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Defining your overseas exchange

Exchange is one of the most defining times of your life depending on how you view it.

Its best for open minded, adventurous people who don't mind spending abit more just to have fun together.

If you are on a honeymoon exchange, or a solo king that wanna scrimp on everything under $12k, this blog is probably not for you. If you want to save in Europe, i would recommend you to do an exchange in Asia (maybe Thailand) or at most Korea, because living in Europe is really gonna kill you. Or maybe, you can heed the advice here:


People commented that his way of living is quite cool and yolo, hmmm, wells, i would say that its not practical for a student exchanging in a country for a period of 5 to 6 months in Europe.

That aside, prior to your exchange please go do your research on the countries that you would like to visit - don't just look at pictures and go "oh i wanna go there cos that is where every one else is taking pictures at!".

Come on, have a mind of your own. Create the best exchange experience that is uniquely yours.

Financial issues? No problem!

Nonetheless, depending on your financial situation, you might need to settle for a less costly cities such as Prague, Budapest, Krakow or any East European countries. Food and living is much cheaper inn those countries!

"Let it go, let it go~~~"
And of course, if you love nature and scenery a lot, don't mind being in the cold for long(i am talking about -10 degree Celsius here and below), love adventure sports like skiing and don't mind spending a bomb cause you are freaking rich, then choose your exchange location to places like northern Norway, Sweden or Finland, or even Iceland. It will be one of the most beautiful memories you will have... until you get bored by the nature and pissed off by the cold. Norway and Iceland are pretty skilled in preparing their fish too (Artic Cod, Salmon and erm.. whale)


Bonjour, Je m'appele Fang
Oh yes, if you love culture, food(bread, chicken, duck) and love french, Paris is where you will want to go. But don't expect the locals to be kind to you if you do not speak french - they are not being rude or asshole, its just their culture. But if you are able to, they will be more than willing to help you most of the time, if not all, so pick up french and you will love the artsy colorful city. Belgium is probably a cheaper alternative if you prefer a less hectic city lifestyle, prefers beer over wine, and loves cheap yet quality chocolate.

Hungarian Dance no. 5, Turkey March ~
For musicians, Prague, Salzburg, Vienna and Berlin is where you want to be. HOWEVER, please do note that their concerts are often extremely expensive because listening to a concert is an elegant art of enjoyment. Nonetheless, you will be in for a treat if you can afford them. For cheaper alternatives, you can look for standing tickets from Vienna opera house that cost around 3 to 4 euros, or probably non famous philharmonic orchestras within the region that are priced way cheaper than their famous philharmonic counterparts.

Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera
Musicals? London. Well, Paris do have as well, but I guess unless you know french pretty well, I think the selection of English-speaking musicals is much more in London than in Paris.


For meat(wurst aka sausage) and beer lovers, it's obviously Germany you should visit, but do take note the individual cities are all very different in Germany. Munich has one of the best beer around(my opinion), and is more townish compared to Berlin. Berlin's curry wurst is one of the amazing stuff you would want to try, but the city is pretty dull in my opinion. I wanted to go Berlin for their philharmonic, but it turns out they weren't there the few days when I stayed there.

People, People, People!
Places aside, to have a wonderful and fulfilling exchange, it might be good to have people who can/have/are
1) cook, not just spagetti but Singaporean dishes as well in case you get homesick
3) photoshop skills
4) resourceful and savvy to find all kinds of cheap deals for you to live like a King
5) easy going and adventurous people who wants to know more people fro different nationalities
6) play music and sing
7) Drive

As such, if your exchange cohort is big, you might have higher chances to go on an exchange with people having the above skills to make it more meaningful.

So long for now~!

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